How To Find RSS Feed URL In Blogger

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As you write and publish posts in Blogger, all the written and published posts in blogger are assembled in a place called the RSS feed. Rss feed stands for Really Simple Syndicate, hence your published posts are assembled here, and readers can easily subscribe to your blogger RSS feed to receive updates whenever you publish new post.  

Rss feed

The RSS feed makes work easier, as it can be used as a tool for automation, maybe for sending automated tweet of your blog post, to Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Must of the time I have seen some bloggers who wants to submit their feed URL to a third party site to help them in automation, but are always faced with the problem of finding where their Feed URL is, that’s why I have decided to write a short post on how one can easily find the URL of their feed in blogger.

Where is the RSS feed URL in Blogger?

To find your blogger feed URL, you need just to follow the easy steps below in doing that

  • You need to go to your blogger layout, click on the add gadget link
  • Select Email subscription form, make your changes and click save.
  • Go to your blogsite, add an email address to subscribe and see if you are able to receive email notification each time you publish a post. (This is optional just to test if it works for you)
  • Go back to your blog layout where the widget is added and click on Edit link.
Then you will see your feed URL, you can now copy it out and paste in somewhere safe should you need make use of it next time.

Once your blog feed URL is known, you can easily make use of any of the blog post automation tool like TwitterFeed or hootsuite, to always make your followers aware of new posts in your blog.

At this point I should be rest assured you now know how to find your blog feed URL in blogger, if you still have questions on how to find your blog RSS feed URL kindly do so using comment. 

Happy blogging on the Blogger platform.

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