Twitterfeed To Shut Its Doors

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So many of us might have heard about a free and popular feed automation tool called TwitterFeed, and how it help even professionals reach more people on Twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook, and Linkedin.
goodbye twitterfeed
Twitterfeed is a utility that allows you to feed your content (for example, blog posts or any other content that supports RSS feeds) to twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms. It enables publishers to bring content to a wider audience and track the performance through real-time stats, serving millions of feed to social networks.
It help users do the following:
  • Content management
  • Engagement analytics
  • Automated Publishing
  • Cross channel publishing
  • Multi social accounts
  • Post scheduling and custom feed integration.
However, I am not trying to write a review about Twitterfeed, but just to inform you of their official announcement to close the platform by 31st of October, 2016. This could be so sad to those who are really enjoying this free tool, although there are other social media management tools you can use, but the automation part of it are usually available for pro users only, unlike twitterfeed where every user has the access to automation of blog feed, and a nice integration with popular social media platforms like: Twitter, Facebook and Linkein, all for free. This is indeed a great tool almost everyone will miss in late October.

When I saw the message from my mail, I had little doubt or didn’t even grab what it all mean at that particular point in time, I checked to see if the mail was sent using their official address.
shutdown mail from twitterfeed
It was true though I still have to visit their official site, and ended up seeing the same message. I don’t really know the reasons behind the closure, as this was not yet disclosed at the time been, but they made a pretty suggestion of migrating to Buffer or before 31st of October.
I believe users who have not seen this on their mail box or have the intention of joining or making use of this good tool, are now aware that soon it will be no more there for use.

What else? Get ready to move on to other social media automation tools right now, don’t wait till then. Good bye dear Twitterfeed!!

You can share with us through comments, what your experience is like working with Twitterfeed and if you are really going to miss it by 31st October.

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