How Captcha Can Help You Reduce Comment Spam In Blogger

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In blogging, comments are considered a good practice when it has to do with building a strong relationship between the author of a blog and the readers, comments allow readers to share their views about a particular post on a blog, these users can also receive a reply from the author when there’s need for that. The case is that so many people who are new to blogging try making use of links on comments (comment spaming)
avoid comment spam in blogger
Thinking it’s a good SEO practice, not knowing its part of the black hat SEO practice everyone who wants to be successful in blogging should avoid.

Hence these types of people exist, you must have been receiving spam comments on your blog, and spam comments literally irritate your blog readers and make your blog look less professional. For WordPress there are many plugins by which you can automatically stop spam comments from appearing on your blog but for those who are using blogger platform currently there’s no plugins to do so, it requires us to manually delete all the spam comments and this is a very time consuming and tedious task

Even worst is that in some cases you might accidentally delete your good genuine comments also you must have seen that some comments are only just links of their blog or affiliate links which is adding nothing to our blog community so there is no point in allowing people to post such comments. Also there are many spammers who just post comments with links pointing to gambling, porn sites which is definitely going to harm your blog rankings since Google hates Porn and gambling sites and you don’t want your blog to anyway be linked to such blogs.

So to avoid all these irrelevant comments from appearing on your blogger blog you can enable captcha for your blogger blog. Captcha is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” and it simply shows few letters or numbers to type in before allowing your readers to post comments on your blogger blog.

So lets see how to show captcha word verification on your blogger blog and this trick is very simple and will not require you to install any widget to enable captcha So let’s start the tutorial

Set-up Captcha For Comments In Blogger

1.Login to your blogger dashboard and select the blog for which you want to enable Captcha

2.Go To Posts and comments and now you will see the option for show word verification, just select Yes and you are done
show word verification in blogger
3.Now any visitor who would like to comment will have to go thought this word verification prior commenting and this will drastically reduce spam comments on your blogger blog.

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