6 Reasons Why People Do Not Read Your Content

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Content marketing is what you hear about even in forums and see on beautiful banners, how you can start your content writing business, maybe you jumped into it without a proper guide and now you contents has no stand in the present time due to high competition.
content marketing
It is and should be the sole aim of everyone that a written content go viral on the internet, and this is very possible when people begin to read your content, traffic is what will make your content viral, that’s when people are interested in the type of content you share.

Today we will try to examine or talk about possible reasons that make people not to read your content. So without the waste of your time, below are the reasons.

1. Not at reach

In content marketing often the content with the best distribution strategy wins. Even if your content is by far better, even if your content contains so much more value and information: It is doomed to fail if you do not take action and have a well thought out distribution strategy.

With thousands or millions of websites on one topic competing for the attention of their potential audience sitting back and waiting for people to show up should no longer be an option, making it available at everyone’s reach is the best option to get more traffic. As you do distribute it and do have some followers and still did not find any readers, your targeting may simply be off.

2. The Headline Gets no Attention

In social media marketing, the headline is crucial. I have seen posts where the headline was so meaningless and boring that I would not even bother to share the article with this headline because the headline informs me the content will be useless and doesn’t worth my time.
  • Quick Headline Tips For Your Content marketing:

  • 80% of Readers will read headline
  • But only 20% will read the rest

This quick statistics shows that you should spend more time on the headline of your content, as it then serves as the gate way to reading your content, with this you can easily come up with better headlines that get you more readers by following some simple rules or using types of headlines that have already proven that they work well to attract readers.

3. Shared on social media without image

When I started out on Twitter, it was common practice to simply share content in a tweet as a short text (headline) and a link. Then more and more options to include an image in your tweet came up, and today, I would say: if you do not have an image to share with your content, don’t share it. Without an image, it is not going to get you any readers anyway.

Quick Stat on the use of images (Using Twitter for Example)

Tweets with images gets 89% more favorite
  • 150% more retweets
  • 18% more clickthroughs

Twitter, Facebook , Pinterest, Instagram, etc. The social networks that have the potential to drive readers to your content, they all require you to share images to leverage their full potential.

4. It already exist somewhere in the Web

There is nothing wrong with covering a topic that others already covered. But your take should not be a simple copy of what people have already read a million times on other blogs. Of course, there is content to be found on almost any topic we can imagine. But your personal and special view on it could and should be something new.

When you are new to your niche and do not (yet) have a loyal audience, it is even more crucial to provide something people cannot get somewhere else and make your content stand out. Once you have a loyal audience, at least some of them will read what you provide any way – to a certain extent.

5. Content is totally different from the link or title shared

Do not try to lure an audience to your content with a promise you are not going to keep. If you raise expectations with your headline or the text in your social media post, you have to deliver in your content. Like I have seen some people promising to give out 8o iphone 7 to people who like, comment and share their page or so, you will then see the negative reactions of people who tried it and found out it’s not true. “People are becoming more fake these days…”

If you notice a lot of website visitors, but they do not stay to actually consume your content, that is a reliable sign that you are not providing what your audience expects, then your bounce rate will definitely increase. Make sure you target an audience that is interested in the content you provide. Or both sides will get frustrated in the end.

6. You have followers on social media, but it does not match your target group

If your targeting in social media is wrong, you may well have a huge following, but these people are not actually interested in the content you provide. It will be very hard for you to turn these untargeted people into readers – and eventually into customers.

Let’s say you have followers who are interested in articles that has to do with going to the pool side and your have them as your targeted audience for SEO tips, this is just like using a tool for something that is not one of the intended purpose.

Hope these tips help you learn how to make people read your content? Share with friends on the social media.

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