3 Steps To Create A Blog With Me In 3 Minutes

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My purpose here is to help you learn how to create your own blogspot blog in three steps under three minutes, and your aim of reading this post should be for you to learn how it works and be able to call a blog your own in the next three minutes. Before you start creating your blog, there may be need for you to read 5 Questions To Ask And Get Answered Before You Start Blogging. 3 steps to create a blog with me in 3 minutes

However I will be focusing on a pocket and new user friendly platform called Blogger, this is the most recommended free platform as I would always like to tell my readers. Blogger belongs to Google, it allows you to have your own site or weblog i.e yourownsite.blogspot.com , that you can be able to share with friends and the whole world what you have passion for, and get paid for that through monetization.

Although, so many other platforms exist, such as Wordpress, Wix, Webly, and Webnode etc but the most standard and popular platform still remain Blogger and WordPress, that's why people are often confused on what platform to choose before creating a blog. At this stage, I hope a little knowledge of the Blogger blog is now with you, let's create it in just three step, also remember we have three minutes to do this.

Minute One: The first step

At the first minute, you need to sign in to blogger.com, with your Gmail account. Do you remember "One account all of Google?" If you don't have any, you can create one here.
Set up your blogger profile or continue with your Gmail profile.
Hint: You can set up your blogger profile if you want to provide a different info about yourself just for publication sake or your Gmail info without alteration, although this has less to do with your blog but it's all dependent on choice.

Minute Two: The second step

I hope you were able to achieve the above within the time frame? If so let's go on, otherwise feel free to share with us the challenges you faced.
Click on the "New Blog" link and then choose a Title for your blog.
Hint: Title can be anything that fully represent your blog, and should be related to the url of your blog (recommended) for example Anthony's Blog, Harrison's Blog, Fashion Blog, make it as brief as you can.
Choose a URL for your blog: This is the address people can use to locate your blog on the World Wide Web. Try to make your URL short so that friends will find it easier to remember whenever they want to visit your blog.

Select a Template: Choose a template of your choice from the available options. Hint: Choose a template you think best represents you or your business, and then click on continue. If you are unable to find a template you like, do not panic, create the blog with any template and then switch to a custom template later.

Hurray!! You just created your blog

Minute Three: The third step:

Since you are done with the stage two, here's a little thing to do in the third stage.
Click on the orange pen to write and publish a post. If you are confused on how to write and publish a post, you should read very well the article: Interesting Tips For Writing Your First Blog Post. If you want to be familiar with the blogger blog see: Simple terms commonly used in blogger. Before you publish your first blog post, there may be need for you to consider setting up your blogger basic settings, after your settings you would also need to optimize your blog for search engines by setting your search preference.

At this point, I should be rest assured you were able to create a blog in 3 or less than three minutes simply by following these three easy steps. If you experience any difficulty in creating your own blog under the estimated time frame, kindly share what your experience is with us, if it really worked for you, kindly share with friends on the social media.

Happy blogging on Blogger.com!

By Harrison Smart.

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